Real Estate Leader Success



Real Estate Leader Success!

An Introduction To Elite Agents and Brokers!

…and YOU quoted on ABC,NBC,CBS and FOX!


Release Date: Nov 2015

The real estate space is extremely competitive.

NOTHING…and I do mean NOTHING, demonstrates to a prospective client that you thee recognized “Go To” expert then being a published author.

Imagine being able to send or to, bring a autographed copy of your best selling book on your next listing appointment.

It’s not even remotely fair to your competition.

My name is TC Bradley, and I am the CEO and Founder of has created over 23 verified #1 Best selling authors with our unique media and publishing program.

I would like to offer you a chapter in our newest upcoming book, being released in Nov of 2015

Real Estate Leader Success!

An Introduction To Elite Agents and Brokers!


In this Done-For-You service,we’ll not only create a chapter in the book for you, but we’ll make you a Best Selling Author and get your name in the national media spotlight.

Here’s How This Works If You Are Accepted As An Author in

Real Estate Leader Success!


Leadership Interview:

We’ll arrange a 30 minute telephone interview with you to specifically identify you as a Leader in your market.

The sole purpose of the interview is to Highlight Your Leadership and Authority.

If you are selected, this interview will then be transcribed and will be the basis for your chapter.

Step 2

Published Author Status:

When you are selected, your expert interview will be published in the upcoming release of the book, “Real Estate Leader Success! Elite Agents and Brokers!” on Amazon Kindle. You’ll get full credit as a contributing author.

Your being a published author enhances your credibility,attracts pre-qualified clients and opens doors of profit and opportunity.(media and speaking)

Step 3


Best Seller Status!

We GUARANTEE Real Estate Leader Success! Elite Agents and Brokers!” will hit Best Seller Status on

amazonbestsellingauthorDoneFrom that moment on, you will known forever as a Best Selling Author.

This is when your life will change forever!

Step 4


National Media Release

We’ll release a personalized media announcement about you hitting the Amazon Best Seller list to affiliate websites of ABC,NBC,CBS and FOX stations.

asseenonweb4DoneThis means you will be positioned as a LEADER on the websites of the most influential media companies in the world!

We will supply you a detailed report with all clickable links of your media pickups.



Q. What is the marketing investment?

A. Our fees range from $15k to $25k depending on needed services for our single author books at

The investment for this project is currently only $2,995 which includes the publishing of the book, the personalized media campaign, and a personalized book cover.(with YOU on the cover) and personalized award.

Trout2Q. When will be the book be published?

A. We are releasing this book in November of 2015. It’s a very tight production schedule but necessary for the authors selected to end 2015 and start 2016 POWERFULLY!

Q. How do I order printed versions of the book to send to my clients and prospective clients?

A. You will set up a free account on and we will upload the book and your personalized front and back cover to your account and you will order as many wholesale copies as you like.

We will require hi-resolution photographs for your personalized cover. Remember it is you that we are branding and promoting. Make it count!

By the way, your book will be the most POWERFUL business card you will ever own.

One of my clients has made millions and all he ever shows up with is his book!

People throw away business cards…they never throw away best selling books!

Q. How many authors will be in the book?

A. The amount of authors will be strictly limited and after we have selected our authors this page will be taken down.

Q. Do you GUARANTEE this book will be a Best Seller?

A. Yes.

To date, we have created over (23) verified #1 Best selling authors with our unique media and publishing program.

MFQ. How do you do what you do?

A. I have about a 40 minute webinar on demand that goes into detail on our Best Seller process and protocols.

You may listen to it at:

Q. How do I monetize the book?

A. You will get detailed coaching on properly monetizing the book and your new leadership profile and digital footprint.

Recommendations will include using your new found status on all your marketing materials and across all of your social media channels.

                                                                        Actual Client Example…


There is a precise way to do this and you will be advised on exactly what steps you need to take to maximize your new status as a best selling author.

Your clients, prospective clients, and even your family will view you differently and rightfully so!

It is important that your marketing message is congruent with that expectation.

SYQ. How do you qualify to be in the book?

A. I am looking for Leaders, those that have a verifiable track record of success and an impeccable reputation.

Just because you can stroke a check for $2,995 and want in this book, does not mean you are going to be chosen.

I am looking for talent.

Are you that talent?

Q. Why is there a investment?

A.The investment to get on the Wall Street Journal Best Seller List is $70,500 and The New York Times Best Seller List is $211,000

There is a very good reason that folks are investing that type of money to be on those Best Seller Lists.

Amazon is the bigger than both of these, which is why our clients have never taken issue with our fee structure of $15k to $25k.

You are being given a once in a lifetime opportunity to enter into an exclusive fraternity of best selling authors with only a $2,995 investment.

LeapfroggingCoverBestsellerNYTimesBestSellerListCostQ. Who are some of your clients?

A. Our media clients, some of which you may have seen on TV, operate at the highest levels in very competitive spaces. is a premium media service provider that specializes in providing platforms and national channels to greatly enhance the branding and results of those Leaders who operate in those competitive spaces.

I promise you, if you are ordinary, you will get rejected 100% of the time, there is plenty of ordinary in the world, and everyone knows it when they see it.

You don’t get to be ordinary around TC Bradley.

Take a minute and review our client testimonials at:


Q. I am in…how do I get started?

A. All authors must be interviewed by exclusively TC Bradley.

Because we are releasing this project in November, we have a very tight production schedule.

You may call me direct at: 1-800-676-1075 Ext. 200

Or email me at

You have a Million Dollar Day!

TC Bradley

Founder and Publisher