You literally have 10 seconds in today’s digital marketing world to establish your leadership when someone visits your website or social media properties.

Let’s face it…People assign credibility to media, and media assigns credibility to people.

Shark Tanks Daymond John uses media trust triggers on his website.

Media “trust triggers” pre-sell your clients and prospective clients on your leadership.

Our Ultimate Media Branding Package will allow you to do the same thing guaranteed within 14 days.


Ultimate Media Branding Package










You will be interviewed for Business Innovators Magazine.

You will be emailed a link with the interview questions and you simply answer the questions and provide us a photograph to use in the story.

This is an online business website that features interviews with innovative leaders in business and is powerful branding tool for our clients.

BIM Magazine Cover(2)

Your interview will be next to industry leaders, Dave Ramsey, Mark Cuban and Jeff Bezos for additional credibility.


Again, this is an online publication not a print one, and we use it  for the massive branding and credibility it provides our clients.

Step 2









A “news style” story about your interview in Business Innovators Magazine is written and distributed to over 100 national news affiliates of NBC,CBS,FOX and ABC that creates a HUGE digital footprint on the internet for you.


You will receive a detailed report of all media pickups with clickable links within 48 hours.

Please note: This is a branding and conversion strategy not a traffic strategy!

You will not get thousand of visitors to your website because of this, but you will convert more of your visitors by using the media trust triggers on your websites. (like Daymond John and TC Bradley)


Step 3







If you do not already have a media page on your websites, you need to add one, with screen captures of some of your media pickups.

I also use the “As Seen On” on all of my social media profiles and websites.








Our current pricing for this media package is $1,497 and we fully guarantee our results.

Please contact TC Bradley to find out the current status of our media production schedule and to see when you can be added to the media schedule.

800-676-1075 Ext. 200

We have created over 23 + Best Selling Authors in our media and publishing business….to protect the brand, I paid Caesar his share last year,and trademarked the name.

The trademark finally registered.