Business Leader Success Vol IV

You Are Invited To Be An Author In Our Next Guaranteed Best Seller Being Released FEB/March 2017

The Most POWERFUL Way To End Your Year, And Start Your New Year Off As A Best Selling Author! 

“Elite Business Leader Success” Vol IV

Become A Part Of This Best Selling Series!


Volume I Debuted #1 on the Amazon Best Seller List Topping

Notable Authors Stephen Covey and John Maxwell.

2:05 Red Carpet Award Video from Vol I

Volume II Debuted #1 on the Amazon Best Seller List Topping Notable Authors Stephen Covey and John Maxwell (In case they didn’t notice the first time)

1:42 Red Carpet Award Video from Vol II


Volume IV Will Be Released FEB/MARCH 2017!


You have a unique opportunity to be a part of a Best Selling Series and become a Best Selling Author WITHOUT writing a book!

Here are the details:

*Instead of writing an entire book, you write a chapter instead and are still listed as an author on the Amazon Listing and still enjoy Best Seller Status and all of the benefits that come with that.

  • Chapter averages about 5-7 pages and at the end of your chapter your bio with high-resolution photograph and contact information is listed.
  • You have control over the content of your chapter. Having said that, I do reserve the right to reject anything is offensive. We have had finance, real estate, consulting, health, and inspirational chapters from authors. The book is showcasing chapters from various Leaders from all industries.

You want to write what you want your clients to read. If you have questions about the topic of your chapter, please ask. I am glad to help and guide you.

You can also have your chapter ghost written by a professional writer.(additional fee is required for writer.) You are interviewed for about an hour, the interview is recorded and transcribed, and then edited into a professional chapter.

  •   Your chapter is due no later than FEB 10th. Failure to deliver your chapter on time will cause you not be in this volume. Please note: There are no refunds. Chapters in the book are limited, so someone is not going to be in this volume because of your commitment. We are all grownups here so if you think you cannot get a chapter to me by Feb 10th then do not participate. Should you participate and not get your chapter in past the deadline, although, you will not be in the book, you will receive credit for media services or another multi-author book.
  • You will be able to order printed copies of the book (under $3.00 a book) to hand to your clients.bsc“There is a reason why people are paying between $70,500 and $211,000 to be on a Best Seller List! TC Bradley

Chapter Investment:  Limited Time Pricing: $1,495

Special Offer: $495

I am granting a $1,000 scholarship for the next 3 chapters…instead of $1,495 for your chapter you will invest $495 for your chapter.

First Come…First Serve.

*Must be willing to give a written LinkedIn recommendation after the Best Seller Campaign. 

This is your base price just for the chapter and guaranteed Best Seller Status  without any upgrades.

Please note: Chapters are non-refundable. There is limited spacing in the book and your commitment is going to cause someone else to not be in the book…so do not order if you cannot honor your commitments.

Optional Upgrades:


 A Custom News Release :

Reg Pricing: $995

Special Pricing During Promotion: $495

NBC-CBS-ABC-Fox_logos_jpg_300x1200_q90_upscaleA custom news release is crafted and syndicated on a tier 1 network to affiliate stations nationwide of  ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX

Your story talks about your accomplishment of your book debuting on the Amazon Best Seller List and who you beat. (perfect for your media page)

You will receive a detailed media report of all of your media pickups with clickable links within 72 hours of your news story being syndicated.


Custom Cover Upgrade:


Custom  Front and Back Book Cover

With YOUR Chapter as Chapter 1 of the Book!

$495 if paid when you sign up for your chapter or $697 when you turn your chapter in.

Have a custom cover with you on the FRONT and BACK of the book and YOUR chapter re-edited so your chapter is Chapter 1.

Most clients want their chapter to be the FIRST chapter in the book for obvious reasons.

With this upgrade, we will have our editor move your chapter to chapter 1.

In addition, the custom cover on the back of the printed book is customized with your information.

The Custom Cover and Chapter 1 Upgrade Is 100% Optional But Most Take It…And Why Not Be On The Cover And Have Your Chapter Be Chapter 1?

I have a Co-Author that took his clients and his book (with him on the cover) to his favorite restaurant for a meeting  and autographed a copy of the book for the manager and when it came time to pay the manager comped the entire bill “We’ve never had a best-selling author in our restaurant, it was our pleasure”

I make no promises that this will happen to you, but you never

Darby21I always like to REWARD Action takers, and this volume will be no different.

This book will publish by Feb 28th, with a window of 10 days before or after that date.

The book is strategically planned for release at the start of first quarter of the year.

This will allow provide you MASSIVE momentum and allow you to start the year STRONG!

There is limited space in this book, so this is not a false scarcity tactic..chapters are limited, this is your shot at the title so don’t blow it.

There is a DRAMATIC difference between a published author and Best Selling Author.

Published authors are just someone else that published a book.

Best Selling Authors are a different breed and operate at a much different level than their peers.

Another world of possibilities opens up for you.

Additional media, speaking engagements…”Please welcome #1 Best Selling Author…” and more clients choosing you as the Leader and obvious choice.

This is an accomplishment that NO ONE can take away from you.

The next step is to alert me you want to be in the book by calling me or shoot me an email.

This is YOUR moment in time.

No one ever comes to me by accident.

Please call or email me with any questions.

You can be ordinary or you can be EXTRAORDINARY!

I put my clients in FRONT of the crowd.

A new, more powerful and profitable reality can be yours 90 days from now.

This is not about a book, this is about your Legacy…something that generations of your family will talk about…long after you’re gone.

How cool is that?


TC Bradley

800-676-1075 Ext.200


For those of you planning on publishing a single author book, once this book hits the Best Seller list, you then can put #1 Best Selling Author above your name on that book.

Also, if I do a Best Seller campaign on your single author book, you will receive credit for your investment in the chapter of this book. So I will deduct the chapter investment from your single author book.