Memorial Day Media Special

memorial-day-wallpapersMemorial Day Media Promotion

As a Vet, for this Memorial Day, I wanted to do do a special media promotion for my clients.

Getting quoted in just one of these publications can be a game changer for my clients.

This is a quote from Candace Glick.

ForbesFeaturedMy process is pretty simple:

We have access to the little-known network of contributing writers that need stories.

We selectively choose our clients and tailor each placement by finding a unique story angle for our client.

You are quoted as the Leader or Expert source in the story, and the article is carefully crafted and designed to carry your quotes in the article.

Your quotes are usually based around FAQ that your clients usually have.

At the minimum, all I usually need is a website to link to for the story along with the keywords (anchor text).

What follows is a professionally written article published on your website of choice.

The articles are written to pass the editorial process quickly.

Our writers have been doing this long enough to know how to write for each publication.

Deliverables include the link to the publication.

-Maximize exposure.

-Branding & Credibility.

-Additional media opportunities by other reporters who read your story.

-Article could go viral.

I have no need to discount pricing on these publications, so when I say this is is a limited time promotion, I mean it.

Est. Monthly Traffic: 45 Million Monthly

Regular Price: $3,495

Memorial Day Pricing: $2,995

Est. Monthly Traffic: 6.1 Million Monthly

28.4 Million Monthly page views

Regular pricing : $3,495

Memorial Day Pricing: $2,495

huffpostHuffington Post:

Est. Monthly Traffic: 79 Million Monthly

Regular pricing : $3,495

Memorial Day Pricing: $1,995

Est. Monthly Traffic: 12 Million Monthly

38 million page views per month.

Regular pricing : $2,495

Memorial Day Pricing: $995

93 million monthly page views

Regular pricing : $3,495

Memorial Day Pricing: $2,495


You can do 1 article or all of the articles.

Please note: Memorial Day pricing ends on Friday, June 3rd.

No exceptions.

Turn around time for article to publish is usually 7-21 days on average but sometimes the editors may require additional edits before approving the article for publication, so it could be require additional days.

Please email me if you have any questions,

TC Bradley

800-676-1075 Ext.200