Celebrity Endorsements


Celebrity endorsements are a massive business, usually requiring enormous fees and ‘Hollywood’ connections in order to get them. And they pay off… Could you imagine Nike without Michael Jordan, or I can’t believe it’s not butter without Fabio?

Most business and product owners only dream of having a celebrity endorse them. And like most people, they believe it is simply out of reach and certainly out of budget. This used to be true, however with the advent of social media, celebrity endorsements have become accessible and affordable for anyone who knows where to look.

Having a celebrity share your social media page with their fans would not only increase your social media following dramatically, it would also provide you with a permanent endorsement you could use in your other marketing efforts like print ads and promotions.

Celebrity endorsements are much more affordable than most business owners believe, which can provide a return 10-20 times the investment.

We will be happy to put together a list of celebrities that we think would be perfect to endorse your business, and a flat rate that it would cost to have them post on their social media accounts

Please watch our introduction video and then call our Celebrity Endorsement Department at: 800-676-1075 Ext.3